Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Five; Leprechauns?

"A leprechaun?" I asked myself, "Was that a leprechaun? Or a hobbit? It kinda looked like Mr Watson my year ten physics teacher." I scratched my head and called, "Mr Watson?

"And where the hell am I anyway?" I turned around to take in my surroundings. The paper screen was behind me, but there was no sign of the tear where I had fallen through it, and it was clear I was no longer in the storeroom, but where was I?

It looked to be some sort of a cave, with one side blocked off by the paper screen. The cave got narrower at the far end, and eventually became a thin tunnel that twisted away from me so I couldn't see where it went. The walls were wet and cold, when I touched them they seemed to be covered in a thin layer of ice. Behind the ice the cave walls were red, and gave off a dull red light.

I turned back to the paper screen. I had fallen through it. It was impossible that it was undamaged, I'd heard it tear. I ran a finger over the surface.

I didn't know what was happening to me, but all I wanted to do was get out of this place, where ever this pace was, get my shopping done and lock myself in my apartment where I could go quietly insane.

I poked the paper with my finger expecting to punch a hole in it. I yelled out in pain, I felt like I'd jammed my finger against a stone wall.

"Damn," I had started the day feeling fairly fit, well except for the stiff back and the crook neck from sleeping on the floor, but it didn't seem like I was going to make it through the day without damaging every appendage I possessed.

Thinking that I'd learnt my lesson I took my keys out of my pocket and jabbed the mailbox key at the paper screen. I didn't even make a scratch.

"I'm losing it," I said, truly believing I was.

I jabbed the key at the paper screen as hard as I could. The key snapped and I rapped my knuckles on the paper screen.

"Damn it!" I yelled, and then an incredibly loud siren started going off.

I turned around, the red cave walls were now flashing blue. I had to cover my ears the siren was so loud. I stood there a moment thinking, perhaps I didn't make it out the bedroom window when those goons came looking for their money, perhaps I slipped and landed on my head. Maybe this was Hell, and I was paying for my sins.

I was just about to check my pulse and see if I really was dead when a gang of miniature soldiers filed into the cave wielding long staffs with gleaming hooked blades on the end.


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