Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Twelve; Zain's Plan

There was something about Zain's smile that made me uncomfortable, "What do you mean an opportunity?"

"I have a plan," said Zain. "We make a public announcement that you've been pulled into our dimension, and can't get back, and so have decided to make a home for yourself here in Zugar-Zipperat."

"I'm with you so far."

"We find a cave that's easy for us to monitor, you and Bocco move in, and we wait for the inevitable pranks to start."

I thought about this for a moment, but didn't say anything.

"You'll make the perfect target for Ziggy," explained Zain, "I guess that's why he brought you through."

I still didn't say anything for a moment, then asked, "Me and Bocco?"

"Yes," Zain nodded.

"Won't Ziggy recognise Bocco?" I asked, "He kinda stands out you know."

"Not at all, Bocco has just been transferred here from Zippit-Zilch province."

"Why do I need Bocco to move in with me?" I asked.

"To help catch Ziggy," said Zain as though it were perfectly obvious.

"Well won't it seem a bit strange?" I persisted.


I walked across the cell, Zain followed me, I couldn't be certain Bocco wouldn't hear me, but I couldn't move any further away because of the cell bars. "Me and Bocco, living together. A human and a bear."

Zain continued to look blankly at me, then his expression changed to one of disgust, "So you're opposed to alternative lifestyles?"

"No, not at all," I said defensively. "It's just that, well he's a bit different isn't he?" I nodded my head in Bocco's direction hoping Zain would understand.

"Oh I see," he said raising his voice, "So not only are you homophobic, you're also xenophobic! You're probably a heightist as well!"

I saw Bocco look our way and made gestures for Zain to lower his voice. "No, I just thought it might seem a little odd."

"Only to you," Zain raised a finger at me, his voice got squeakier the angrier he got. "Civilised people respect each other's choices, and accept their peers for who they are on the inside. Maybe where you come from this sort of behaviour is acceptable, but here in Zugar-Zipperat we have laws against that sort of prejudice."

"I didn't mean that," I couldn’t believe I was being berated by a leprechaun who thought I was being all kinds of phobic because I had reservations about moving in with a seven foot talking blue bear.

"Well what did you mean?" Zain squeaked at me.

I struggled to find the right words, but couldn't so I settled for, "Great plan."


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