Saturday, January 22, 2005

Twenty Two; Self Decapitation

We followed the corridor for nearly twenty minutes. Neither of us spoke until we saw light up ahead, and even then i just said, "light," and sprinted past Bocco.

I hadn’t seen daylight, for days, and was eager to feel the touch of the sun. I reached the cave entrance and laughed as sunlight and a gentle breeze hit my face.

“Hold it right there fly boy,” a female voice said and I felt myself been pushed up against the cave wall.

“Hey,” I called out in protest, “What the...”

“Shut up,” she said in a perfectly calm and confident manner. I was face first against the cave wall so couldn’t see my attacker, but I could feel her patting me down.

“Leave him,” I heard Bocco’s voice.

I craned my neck and saw him ambling down the corridor at his usual slow pace.

“Kira!” said an excited male voice.

The woman patting me down left me alone so I turned to see what was happening.

There were four people, all human, stood looking at Bocco. I hadn’t seen them before because I rushed past the cavern where they had been. There was also what looked like a space ship parked in the cavern.

I knew I was gaping but I couldn’t help it. I had thought, no, never mind what I’d thought. What I saw next totally blue me away.

Bocco removed his head!

I felt like I was going to faint.

Bocco used both his hands to twist his head, and then lifted it clear of his neck. I could see air between them.

A bear with pockets is one thing, but a bear with a detachable head?

Bocco placed his head on the ground close to his feet.

I looked at the four humans to see if any of them thought this was the least bit odd, but they were all just watched and smiling happily. One of them even turned away to stir the contents of a pan that had been set over a small gas burner.

Next Bocco reached up and fumbled with his neck. It looked like he was trying to remove something within. I could feel the contents of my stomach heaving.

The head at Bocco’s feet was still moving, the minute movements a bear makes when he’s standing still. The rest of the bear found what it was looking for and unzipped itself. A seam appeared, that stretched from his neck to groin.

I could feel my head spinning and put out a hand to steady myself against the cave wall.

There must have been a seam on the back as well, because Bocco fell apart and the two halves landed on the floor with a thud.

Standing where Bocco had stood a moment before, was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.


At 1:29 am, Blogger kranium said...

Hey Jimmy Sparrow
thank you for dropping by. You too are doing good :) The twist with Bocco's true identity was really good.


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